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Welcome to The Woods of Preston website. 

The HOA board will use this site to post newsletters, meeting information, dates to remember, and other things that may be of interest to our neighbors and potential neighbors.

Neighbors can use this site to keep up with goings-on and to communicate with one another. 

Have a great day!

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Bird Seed Rings For Your Feathered Friends   Do you enjoy the sound of birds around your home? If so, bird seed rings are the perfect treat to attract them. Creating these delicious treats is easy. Combine gelatin, corn syrup and flour into a thick paste. Mix this paste with a bag of bird seed, ensuring that it is fully combined. Then mold the rings together using a donut pan. Hang these tasty treats outside for your feathered friends to enjoy.

A Some lovely fall decor ideas include gathering the colors of the season, using leaves to make artwork. Throw an autumn themed pillow together for a fun fall decor idea. Impress with this clever fall decor idea mixing both leaves from trees and the idea of leafing through your favorite fall book.      

1. It's time to pick apples. Apples are in season over the next few weeks, and there are delicious varieties like Gala and Golden Delicious to be picked. We eat some right out of the bag and make applesauce and apple butter for the year ahead.

2. Get lost in a corn maze. Gather your bubble mates, pack some masks, visit a farm and do a corn maze. Have hot drinks and doughnuts after.

3. Hike through the woods. I know plenty of people have been hiking through the summer, but it can be too hot for that activity in the US South. Fall is the time to put on those hiking pants and explore nature preparing for winter, which leads us to the next fun event.

Pet Reminders

     Two of the most frequent complaints the HOA receives are dogs being left outside to bark for extended periods of time and owners not picking up after their dogs. 

• If you put your dogs outside, please be considerate of your neighbors and bring them in if they are barking or bothering other residents. 

• Please pick up after your pet - the most basic responsibilities of pet owners.

• Gunter has a leash law; therefore, all pets must be on a leash whenever not in your house or fenced yard.