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History of the Woods of Preston

        The Woods were established in a tract of land known as THE WOODLANDS OF PRESTON on approximately 170.32 acres of land situated in Grayson County on August 29th, 2000 just outside of a small town of Gunter, Texas. That was when the Bell Partners recorded the Platt for the Woods, but the Homeowners Association was not recorded with a Warranty Deed until March 31, 2004.  These documents are on file and recorded in the Grayson County Courthouse for the official records.  The Bell’s Family, the original owners had several piece of property through-out the Woods but most have been sold with the exception of the Commercial Property abutting Highway289.( Sold 2017-2018) (Preston One Venue) 

     The Woods really started to grow with new families and neighbors. Eventually the City of Gunter requested if the Woods would annex into the City Limits.  After some discussion, the Woods complied and the benefit was, we were provided with Police and Fire Protection.  Naturally this mean we also fell under the City ordinances and Subdivision Rules. 

     Well, a few more years go by and the time has come for the Bell Brothers to turn over The Woods of Preston to the Homeowners/Homeowners Association at the General Meeting held in October 2008.  With the New updated CCR’s the Woods became independent of its Parent company.

     Since that date we have seen more growth and improvements to both the Woods and the city of Gunter. The Rumor has it that more is to come with the expansion of the North Dallas Toll way and people moving North from Dallas. We, the Woods of Preston Homeowners Association will welcome the newcomers with open arms and friendship.  

                           Welcome to the Woods of Preston

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