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Attention Residents

We have had complaints about Dogs running loose in the Woods of Preston.  This is not authorized per our CCR’s and City Ordinances.

Section 3.11 CCR’s (part of)

Dogs, cats, or other common household pets may be kept on a Tract. There shall be no more than four (4) adult dogs per household. Dogs must be kept in a kennel, dog run, or fenced in area that confines said dog(s) to that area. Dogs will not be permitted to run loose in the Subdivision.  Dogs and cats must be vaccinated for rabies according to State law once a year and registered with Grayson County once a year.

City Ordinances

 Sec. 2.01.007     Dogs or cats running at large; vicious animals; authority to destroy certain dogs and cats

(a)     No owner or his authorized keeper shall permit any dog or cat, with or without his vaccination tag attached to a collar securely fastened around the neck of the dog or cat, male or female, to run at large within the city.

b)     The chief of police, or any policeman of this city, shall have the right to shoot or kill any rabid or vicious dog or cat in the streets or any public place, or any dog or cat in the streets or any other public place that shall manifest a disposition to attack or bite.

(c)     As used in this section, “vicious animal” means any animal that commits an unprovoked attack upon a person on public or private property, or that attacks, threatens to attack or terrorizes a person on public property or in a public place.

Please report any problems to the City of Gunter for further action.  Phone: 903-433-5185

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